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Our clients are well established businessmen and financially stable professionals who understand the need to invest, and who consider taking financial care of their family as a major priority. They want peace of mind, and assurance that their financial affairs are in the hands of an equipped, competent, loyal and trustworthy personal financial adviser who puts the client’s needs and those of his family, above all else.

People who will benefit most from our services:


  • Seek independent advice, not aligned to any specific institution
  • Have been searching for stability, and calm regarding their finances
  • Want to maximize their wealth, while understanding the risks inherent in achieving that objective
  • Take a keen interest in personal financial matters and are reasonably well informed
  • Are in a fortunate financial position and want to strengthen this position and maximize this opportunity
  • Are too busy to look after everything themselves but haven’t yet found the right adviser
  • Know that the right advice results in an improving financial situation
  • Are reasonably “settled” and don’t expect to make any drastic changes to their lives
  • Are optimistic about the future
  • Those who see the client-adviser relationship as a partnership in achieving a set goal

Experience has shown that our services are best suited to those people who are serious about their finances, are prepared to invest time and money to play their part in the process but who understand that there is more to life than simply accumulating wealth. Family, and their well being comes first!

If you would like more information, please call us on 031 010 0555. Regardless of the fact that our services may not suit you at the moment, please contact us, as we may still be able to assist positively in some way towards your financial peace of mind.

Why Sign Up at PWM?
Personalized investment advice from the comfort of your own home is priceless in it self. PWM online caters for much more than just that. Once you have signed up you will be taken through the client installation procedure and thereafter you can start gaining valuable investment information.