As a responsible citizen, you want to pay your fair share – but not a cent more than you should. Embedded in our advice process is a Holistic Tax Review, which may result in Bespoke Tax Planning for a client. PWM’s highly regarded expertise utilises perfectly legal methods to ensure that you don’t pay more than you should.

While leaving a legacy is important, it is imperative that the next generation is equipped to manage inheritance responsibly, without it promoting complacency. PWM’s Financial Boot Camp educates young adults on their role and responsibility in the wealth transfer process, whilst empowering them to make informed choices as a beneficiary.

PWM’s Foundation can assist you in leaving a legacy through philanthropy. The beneficiaries are well-run registered Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs), that have been selected based on our comprehensive due diligence procedures. PWM is also willing to partner with you in your existing philanthropic projects

How much is enough? Focusing on your health is as important as building your wealth. If you are conflicted by these competing priorities, PWM’s Wealth Integrator Tool allows for interactive, on-the- spot financial projections, providing clarity on the extent to which you can adjust your work vs health balance.

Creating a Legacy Plan involves facilitating dialogue between your heirs, whereby your personal/business intentions and goals are clearly communicated and formalised in a documented “Family Wealth Constitution”. This is centered on your values and beliefs, guiding successive generations to ensure the responsible and equitable handling of your wealth.