Due the length of studies, medical professionals can start working almost a decade after their other professional counterparts and this delay affects retirement savings. PWM’s interactive and on-the- spot tools accurately analyse, project and recommend Tailored Retirement Solutions for medical professionals.

The earnings of Medical professionals often puts them in the highest marginal tax brackets. With over 20 years’ experience in Tax Planning for our substantial medical professional client base, PWM is able to review, assess and provide solutions to optimise tax to its lowest legally permissible level.

As a medical professional, you have seen first-hand, the dramatic impact a sudden accident or illness can have – physically, mentally and emotionally. But the financial impact can be equally devastating. As your earning capacity is your most valuable financial asset, PWM can assist in devising a solid and Comprehensive Earnings Protection Plan.

Ready for a change of pace? For Medical Professionals who are considering the practicality of a phased retirement, PWM’s Wealth Integrator Tool allows for interactive, on-the- spot financial projections– giving you the confidence and peace of mind to begin shifting focus away from your career, toward other aspects – should you wish to.

How do you ensure that you extract the full value of your sought-after practice, whilst attracting a worthy successor/s? Working with medical professionals as the core of PWM's client base for the past 20 years has resulted in tried and tested Models for Practice Value and Succession.

If only your money could work as hard as you do. PWM ensures that performance is maximised by directing your hard earned funds to quality investments that are well diversified, offering the best potential for gratifying returns. Our 12 year track record of Superior Investment Performance is evidence of this.