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Financial Planning

The demands of life leaves little time for the financial aspects of one’s portfolio; and yet this is where the best decisions need to be made. PWM has invested in interactive tool that will allow you to make changes on-the- spot and assess the future financial impact. A face-to- face meetin of about an hour can yield information that could be life changing.


Local Investment Advisory

Are you achieving the best possible return on your investments? With the array of investment choices out there, this question often goes unanswered. Our job is to give you the answer. Why not take advantage of a professional written report, at no extra cost to you? A second opinion can only be beneficial.


International Investment Advisory

Recent market and political events have led to many investors considering hard currency international investments. PWM’s strategic outlook ensures that our clients are able to successfully diversify investment risk across different economies, currencies and regions, with purpose and focus. PWM navigates safely through the world of International Investments, using the highest quality funds, which are well known, researched and regulated.


Share Portfolios

The stock market and its potential for risk is a daunting prospect for many investors. However, a well-constructed Share Portfolio has the ability to outperform other investments over the long term. Clients can look forward to owning a solid, quality share portfolio of local and international shares based on the research conducted by our Share portfolio partners.


Estate Planning And Trust Formation

Wealth is created from exceptional business and financial plans – but is nurtured and preserved only via a great Estate Plan. In the context of our Estate Planning, maintaining the harmony of your family during a difficult period is paramount, whilst simultaneously ensuring a seamless transition of your assets to the next generation.


Retirement Income

To be enjoyed, retirement must create a feeling of financial security. A certain confidence that your retirement funds will provide you and your spouse, a healthy and fulfilling retirement lifestyle. How you invest this money is probably the most important financial decision you will have ever made – and thus it’s beneficial to consult our skilled and competent advisors.


Corporate Financial Planning

Businesses require financial plans too! All financial planning risks that could hamper the ongoing success of a business should be identified and eliminated. Typically PWM will address issues of business continuity, employee benefits, tax planning, investment funds within the business, funding retiring co-owners etc.


Risk Cover

As humans, it is not in our nature to consider the tragic effects of unforeseen events such as death, disability and dread disease, not only on us, but our families. Being over insured is a waste of financial resources and being under insured is detrimental to the well-being of your dependents. Either of these situations warrants an in depth review of your risk cover. PWM offers a full and thorough analysis of the adequacy, and quality of your risk cover, at no extra cost to you.