Although social norms are rapidly changing, women tend to have far more career gaps than men. Due to family planning commitments, women tend to spend less time in the workforce and this often affects their earning potential and retirement savings. PWM factor all this into account to allow you to still achieve family and financial goals.

This unfortunate and slow changing reality means that financial planning becomes more critically important for women. PWM uses a 3-pronged approach to negate the disparity – Precise Financial Planning, early investment and high capital growth investment portfolios. Your money needs to work smartly to close this gap.

Women’s natural tendencies make them more intuitive, disciplined and committed investors. However, women also tend adopt a more conservative investment approach, often sacrificing the potential to earn greater investment returns over long term. PWM looks forward to empowering you with the knowledge to make great investment decisions.

The passing on of a spouse results in a grieving wife having to make decisions on money management and estate wind-up, whilst maintaining her own responsibilities. Our collaborative approach to Estate Planning Services ensures that both spouses are fully informed and at ease, in the event that the unthinkable may become a reality.

Women generally outlive their male counterparts. This longevity creates a need for a more substantial retirement savings and a carefully constructed Retirement Income Solution. PWM’s Wealth Integrator Tool provides clarity on the appropriate retirement age and the capital required to provide income for the rest of your life.

At PWM, we understand that success means different things to different women. Be it achieving traditional career goals or having flexibility to spend time with family, a Defined Financial Plan can provide you with the clarity and freedom to focus on improving your quality of life.