Having made enormous personal sacrifices to achieve your qualification, your greatest asset now, is your ability to earn an income. It needs to be protected. Our Comprehensive Risk Cover offering ensures that you maintain a steady income, should you ever become unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness, injury or disability.

You may have accumulated debt from your studies or other reasons. PWM can assist in guiding you as to how best to use your current earnings in balancing the payment of past debts versus current lifestyle expenses versus earnings protection and investment.

Trying to saving for the future whilst simultaneously enjoying financial spontaneity is a constant juggling act. With our interactive Financial Planning Tools, we can illustrate, project and determine your ideal trade-off scenario between spending and investing early.

Major investments in a car and a home are top-of- mind once you have established yourself as a professional. Our goal-oriented Investment Advisory Services aim to provide you with a periodic and systematic savings solution to achieve your short and long term goals.

How often have you been “lectured” on how to save by your parents and elders? Sometimes even told where to invest. With PWM, we recognize your need to be involved and informed in the decisions regarding your investments. Our collaborative approach allows you to set your own path, with our guidance.

Your work ethic and ambition often leads to extreme working hours, sacrificing other aspects of your life and health. Clarity and strategy regarding your financial goals provide confidence in adjusting the work/life /health balance, with full knowledge of the financial outcomes.